• 1. PARTIES
  • (SELLER) Senguler Tourism – IstanbulCats.COM ( Les Arts Turcs )

Title : Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti.
Address : Alemdar Mh. Incili Cavus Sk. 19 – 3 Sultanahmet / ISTANBUL
Phone : +902125276859
Whatsapp : +905057093384
Fax     : +902125276859


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The subject of this contract is to determine the parties’ rights and obligations related to the sale and delivery of the product/products which indicate/indicates the qualification and the sales price below that PURCHASER has made an order in electronic media from the internet site istanbulcats.com belonging to Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti.

  • The type and species, quantity, brand/model, color, sales price including taxes of the products are as follows.
Product Name VAT Excluded Unit Price VAT Included Total Amount
  • Delivery Information :

Delivery Address :
Ship-to-Person :
Invoice address :

  • The products paid the cost in full and complete by the PURCHASER shall be delivered to the Seller’s address mentioned above within 3 working days, but it is not a definitive time after the completion of the payment. However, IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti.  can not be held responsible for the products which could not be delivered in time because of the reasons such as the lack of the ordered product in stock or being changed of delivery address by the Purchaser.
  • Shopping can be done from istanbulcats.com by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Time of processing of orders given by credit card is not the moment when the order is placed, it is the moment when the necessary collection has made from credit card and reached to IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti.  bank accounts. Without being discussed with Purchaser service, the payments methods such as cash on delivery or postal checks shall not be accepted.
  • IstanbulCats , is not obliged to verify and control the delivery address given by the PURCHASER. PURCHASER is responsible for the delivery made to the address given by the PURCHASER and the delivery to the third Parties/Authorities shall not be commented in the meaning of failure of the delivery and the extension of time specified in this contract and it does not remove the responsibilities of the Purchaser resulting from this contract.
  • PURCHASER undertakes to pay the price of the products that have been ordered account and if any the shipping charges to the account of IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. The Purchaser may pay by credit cards and debit cards via the transfer/ EFT.
  • IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. , shall make the product sales and shipping operation in regions where it operates and has the rights to demand extra shipping/handling fee in areas where it has no activity and/or in the product submissions in non-standard sizes or weights.
  • In cases relating to product quality resulting from our company, the product is returned from the Client.
  • The following conditions apply for returning the product:
  • If the product is damaged orr different than described.
  • If the product complies with the determined return conditions, IstanbulCats  accepts the product return after the approval of the authorities in accordance with the return instructions.
  • The original packaging of the products must be unopened and not damaged so that PURCHASER may use the rights to return product . PURCHASER should provide information to the customer service from +902125276859 – whatsapp +905057093384 for the return and exchange operations. IstanbulCats  sales representative return/exchange form which will be redirected to Purchaser should be arranged.
  • PURCHASER is obliged to send a return invoice with the products in the form of (product unit price +VAT) for the returned products.
  • The product returns have to be primarily transmitted to customer service. Information to be sent as the return of product is forwarded to the customer by IstanbulCats officials. The product reached to us is accepted as return if the specified conditions is provided, and the payment is made to your credit card. The relevant banks are responsible for the reflection period of the refunds to credit card on credit card accounts.
  • PURCHASER is obliged to make damage and deficiency control during the delivery of products he/she has ordered.
  • PURCHASER declare that he/she has accepted to immediately notify to IstanbulCats this situation within 7 days if there is an obvious damaged product within the delivered products, otherwise he/she shall be deemed to have accepted the delivered product as damaged.
  • PURCHASER declares that he/she will ensure the audit and control obligation against non obvious damages in the delivered products and has accepted to immediately report in writing to IstanbulCats in case of finding a shame in product within 7 days from the delivery date.
  • PURCHASER is responsible for sending the product in full and complete with the manner in which he has taken delivery by filling the return form with the damage notification.
  • IstanbulCats  , shall deliver to meet all the costs by providing the necessary checks with the delivery of the product and the notification made as per the procedure and by changing the damaged product in case that it is understood that the PURCHASER is justified in the declaration.
  • IstanbulCats declares that it shall return the product price to PURCHASER without paying the interest even though there is no opportunity to change the non-defective products if the damaged product returned by PURCHASER has been out of stock or with other similar reason. In this case, PURCHASER must make out the return invoice and reach to IstanbulCats  .
  • The return price shall be refunded to credit card in the payments made by credit card and IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. shall not be liable to the delays caused by the banks.
  • Tax procedure law and regulations are reserved in the return of the Product/Goods. PURCHASER and IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. are obliged to abide by these terms.
  • PURCHASER acknowledges and accepts that it should be only intervened by a qualified service if the installation/support is required for the purchased product, otherwise IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. shall not be responsible for all kinds of problems/ disputes arising from the interference by unauthorized persons.
  • PARTIES are obliged to not share the trade secrets about each other with the third parties pursuant to this contract, otherwise they accept, declare and undertake that they are liable for any damages that arise.
  • PURCHASER shall be deemed to have accepted the confidentiality agreement located on the website www.istanbulcats.com of IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. by signing this contract.
  • The reasons not caused by Seller such as faults/ interruption that may occur in general mobilization, strikes, earthquakes, floods, seller hosting, logistics, transport and database shall be considered as a reason of force majeure. In this case, IstanbulCats  may avoid to unilaterally fulfill the acts under the contract without compensation by making the refund of the paid price.
  • In case that the Force Majeure lasts more than 20 days, PURCHASER has the right to demand the refund of the price by the termination of this contract. Lesartsturcs.com is not responsible for the incorrect prices occurring in the system errors. Accordingly, the Seller is not responsible for the system, the design on the website and for promotion and price errors that may arise from interventions that can be made to the website with illegal means.
  • IstanbulCats , has the rights to unilaterally terminate without compensation in case of the lack of the ordered product in stock, not being fulfilled payment obligations by the Purchaser and not being delivered to delivery address indicated by the Purchaser. In this case, IstanbulCats shall refund the product price if the payment is made by PURCHASER.
  • The delivery costs are the responsibility of the PURCHASER in case of the termination of the contract due to a defect of PURCHASER.
  • PURCHASER shall ask him to fulfill its obligations within 7 days if IstanbulCats does not fulfill the obligations arising from this contract. In despite of the notification, if IstanbulCats fails to fulfill the obligations, PURCHASER may request to refund for the paid price by the termination of the contract and by refunding the product if the product has delivered and provided that it makes out a return invoice. In the event of termination due to a defect of IstanbulCats , the product delivery and all expenses shall belong to PURCHASER.
  • Authorities:

Under this contract, IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti.  has unconditionally the following powers.

  • IstanbulCats  , may stop completely or temporarily the site operation. IstanbulCats shall not be liable for the losses to be incurred by customers or third parties because the system has been stopped temporarily or completely.
  • IstanbulCats  is authorized to identify and change the product prices, the product features, delivery types and delivery terms offered for the sales on istanbulcats.com IstanbulCats.COM Les Arts Turcs – Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti. may use the cancel options for orders as well as to make the above mentioned changes after the order is entered. The sales made on the system are limited completely by IstanbulCats stock structure. After taking the order, IstanbulCats shall refund the amount which has paid by the customer by canceling this order.
  • IstanbulCats has unilaterally the right to cancel the use of any credit card regarding the usage of credit card which is determined by this contract and its additional contracts.
  • IstanbulCats may reach the orders on the system to customer with any cargo or the other transports.
  • IstanbulCats, has the authority to remove the right to make shopping for the customers that work open account and/or have insufficient credit limits, have a final enforcement proceedings and/or went bankrupt if it deemed necessary.

Under any disputes that may arise between PARTIES, PURCHASER irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes that IstanbulCats ‘ s commercial notebooks, records, documents and computer, phone, fax records, microfilms, e-mail correspondences will be definite evidence pursuant to the CCP.


    THE PARTIES acknowledges that Anatolia Court and Executive Office of Istanbul is authorized in disputes arising from this contract.

    This agreement has been regulated and approved in electronic media between the parties before the purchaser makes a payment.

    SELLER : Senguler Turizm Tekstil Ltd. Sti.
    DATE :